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top analytical softwares

Softwares we offer

Thinqcell, one of the reputed businesses dealing with home-grown and imported software tools for data analysis. Offers a range of Top Analytical softwares to its customers including Statistical, Econometric, Forecasting, Mathematical, Operational Research and Qualitative Data Analysis software.


Trainings and webinars

We offer a full range of training courses for commercial organisations, students and academics. Our courses are practical and hands-on, with all of the software packages in our portfolio.

Softwares packages

Thinqcell offers latest and best data analytical softwares (qualitative and quantative).


Thinqcell provides trainings from the best in class trainers, both domestic and international.


We provide trainings to any location remotely. Through our trainers, we provide webinars throughout the world.


Top experts from thinqcell are always available for providing the best advice and helping you deploy and utilise the softwares.


With our trainings, we also provide best in class workshops through our wide network of trainers.


Thinqcell with its team of experts provides the best in class support.

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